Looking to keep your family safe from pests AND toxins?

At Fliegen Pest Control we always try to solve problems using as little chemical as possible. Where traditional pest technicians often apply highly-toxic pesticides, we opt to select products featuring superior performance with minimal environmental toxicity. We use a variety of cutting edge, target-specific products that are scientifically engineered to be more effective, biodegradable and, in some cases, even less toxic than their natural counterparts along with organic and natural-based products.

However, many services require us to use some type of liquid spray. Our application method targets pest areas such as feeding and nesting areas, as well as entry points. This approach eliminates the need for a broader application, in turn reducing the amount of product used and your exposure to it.

With all interior liquid chemical sprays it is mandatory that the immediate area be vacated for four hours. It is also encouraged to keep windows open as this will accelerate the airing out process. Anyone that is pregnant, under the age of two or elderly should vacate for 24 hours.

All products used on site will documented along with the PCP (Pest Control Product) number and amount used. If requested, MSDS and product labels will be made available.

To protect your family from pests and harmful chemicals, call us today!